He's now riding in wheelchair fitting of his name.

At just 18-months-old, Austyn Martin was diagnosed with a nervous system disorder that would leave him unable to walk. Because of this, Austyn has had to rely on wheelchairs to get around. Make-A-Wish wanted to give Austyn a new mode of transportation, so they teamed up with Holman Motorcars St. Louis to present him with a new ride. His new wheelchair was presented on the luxury dealership's showroom floor, alongside cars from his favorite automaker, Aston Martin. The cherry-on-top is the Aston Martin wings added to his wheelchair. This new wheelchair will allow Austyn to be at eye level with others, as opposed to being down below, which he notes in an interior with KMOV will help him socially.

You can watch the video of the presentation by visiting KMOV.com.

Source: KMOV, @holmanmotorcarsstlouis/Instagram