In case you missed it, Ford debuted an all-new 7.3-liter last year. Unlocking its full potential, the Hennessey Velociraptor 700 F-250 is big block domination. While other trucks are going to smaller engines topped with turbos, this beast is rated at 430 horsepower/475 torque from the factory. The Velociraptor is a comprehensive upgrade to the engine, chassis, and even the leather, as Joe Rogan can testify.

Instead of overhead cams, Ford has returned to overhead valves with one cam doing all the work. This opens the door for John and his team to grind a custom bumpstick and pour in their secret sauce with a new tune. This allows you to have 527 horsepower and 560 torque at the rear wheels. That deep growl from 445 cubic inches sounds just as mean as a 427 FE, and we suspect they will soon be stuffing it into a late-model Mustang. Tell us what you would do with this beast in the comments below.