As quick as a bolt of lightning.

The revival of the Ford F-150 Lightning is finally here. Ford has revealed the new all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning and it's a real game-changer. One of the most important facts that I'm sure many are wanting to know is its acceleration. Well, you can relax knowing that this is the fastest accelerating F-150 ever created and it has the most torque of any F-150. It packs 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque for a 0 to 60 mph time in the mid-4-second range when equipped with the extended range battery.

That brings us to another important topic regarding the new Lightning: range. The standard range battery has a target of 230-miles, while the extended-range battery will get you around 300 miles of range. When it comes to charging these batteries, Ford is offering an 80-amp charge station as standard equipment. With this charge station, the F-150 Lightning's battery will get about 30 miles per charging hour and it will full charge an extended-range battery from 15% to 100% in about eight hours. FordPass also has a network of more than 63,000 charging stations.

Image: Ford

When it comes to the actual design of the new electric Lightning, Ford didn't rewrite the script, and instead kept it in line with the standard F-150s. Being such a popular look, that makes perfect sense. That being said, Ford still added a litany of new features that make this electric truck stand out. Upfront is a "power frunk" that's absolutely massive, being able to carry two sets of golf clubs. Inside is a redesigned interior that features a 15.5-inch touch screen when the Lariat or Platinum series is picked. Around the Lightning, you'll find a total of 11 outlets, which makes this perfect for either a camping trip or even a work site. Another neat bit of tech that the Lightning will be seeing is Ford's BlueCruise hands-free driving tech, which is available to customers.

So what's the new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning price set at? It depends. The standard model has an MSRP of $39,974 while the mid-series XLT model starts at $52,974. It should be mentioned that the federal tax credit isn't included in those prices, which would bring them down another $7,500, making them very tempting for those looking to get into an electric vehicle.

Source: Ford