Bees with the spirit of the raging bull.

May 20th is World Bee Day and Lamborghini is celebrating the day by honoring their own bees. In 2016, Lamborghini installed a biomonitoring project in Lamborghini Park with a new apiary. This apiary started with eight bee hives but is now up to 12 hives with a total population of around 600,000 bees. Lamborghini also has what they call a "technological beehive." This bee hive houses two video cameras, one inside and one outside the hive. This allows the entomological and apicultural experts observe the behavior of the bees close-up. The whole point of these hives is to allow the experts within the company and outside of the company to detect a wide range of environmental pollutants. These include pesticides, heavy metals, aromatic compounds, dioxins and more.

You may never have guessed that Lamborghini was studying bees, but here we are. What's even cooler than Lamborghini having bees are the sweet Lamborghini beekeeper suits. Save the bees!

Image and News Source: Lamborghini