The Drako GTE proved its abilities on snow and ice during recent extreme condition tests.

While the Drako GTE is not a car you'd typically find on a frozen lake or in the snow, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be able to handle those conditions. That's why the electric hypercar was taken to high elevations in Colorado where the lakes were frozen and the race track was made of snow. For the snow portion, that was handled by racing driver Andy Pilgrim who let the hypercar loose on the Winter Performance Track in Steamboat Springs. This course has an elevation of 6,700 feet, but that didn't stop the Drako GTE from putting on a show. Thanks to Drako's proprietary DriveOS software, handling the corners was a breeze and Pilgrim was constantly in control.

From here, the Drako GTE traveled to an elevation of 8,500-feet where Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competitor and rally driver David Hackl test its abilities on ice. Thanks to the GTE's Quattro Mannettino in "Ice" mode, the GTE was able to gracefully drive across the frozen surface. While Hackl was able to slide the GTE on a whim, he was also able to return the hypercar to a straight and center path effortlessly. The Drako GTE's extraordinary abilities on both ice and snow are all thanks to the aforementioned DriveOS system. This system controls each of the four motors connected to the wheels and can make adjustments in a flash.

Be sure to watch the videos of the Drako GTE above and below in order to see just how magnificent this electric hypercar truly is.