Thieves will think twice!

Even if someone grabs your keys and cranks it up, Dodge is offering an ingenious security upgrade for Hemi cars. Owners of Chargers, Challengers, Hellcats, and Demons 2015 and up can stop by any dealer for a software upgrade. This will allow you to lock the engine's programming with a 4-digit code.

Failure to enter the code or guessing incorrectly will set the self-destruct program....We could only hope... But in a more hilarious move, the car will be limited to idle at 675 rpm. Limited to a top speed of 3 mph will undoubtedly lead to a few (very) low-speed chases. Not only is this a great feature, its a good time for a warm-weather checkup since Summer is almost here. Your 808-horsepower Demon will be choked down to 2.8 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque.

Image (C) Stellantis