Bring luxury automotive comfort to your home.

Day by day, the automotive world continues to influence the inspiration behind luxury products that are less seen on the track, and more commonly viewed in a household setting. Ian Callum is now taking that approach after contributing to the design process for Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin. Callum Designs is proud to announce its entrance into high-furniture with the new Callum Lounge Chair. The chair is anything but ordinary as it follows a similar production process as some of the luxury vehicles designed by Ian Callum. Its use of premium materials like genuine leather and carbon fiber help transition the luxury feel of the sport seat for any home office or living room. The minimalistic design and vibrant color of the Callum Lounge Chair make the perfect modern addition to any setting. The Callum Lounge Chair is available for inquiry through the Callum Design website.

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