That's no moon, that's the new Death Star Tourbillon watch from Kross Studio.

Kross Studio has announced a new collaboration with Lucasfilm that has resulted in a truly epic Star Wars-inspired collectors set. The 10-piece set is inspired by Star Wars history and is absolutely a must-have for serious fans of the franchise. First up is the "Kyber crystal container" that acts as the case for the set. Each container is actually an official reproduction of the orange containers used b the Galactic Empire. Within the case are three interior sections with removable capsules and six free storage spaces where collectibles can be stored. When the three capsules are pulled out, the rest of the set can be found. Within one capsule is the Death Star Tourbillon watch. Kross Studio used a central tourbillon for this timepiece, allowing them to place a Death Star-shaped tourbillon cage right in the center. The 45mm case is made in black DLC-coated grade 5 titanium and features a dome-shaped sapphire crystal. Other notable features of this watch include the five-hour power reserve, push-button system, and Imperial Class Star Destroyer-inspired hour hand. In one of the other capsules are interchangeable straps that can be easily swapped out by pressing the quick-release buttons. In the last capsule is something very unique: a screen-used kyber crystal from the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This is actually the first time that authentic kyber crystal props will be available to the public.

If you're interested in the truly magnificent set, it can be yours for $150,000. You can learn more by visiting

Source: Kross Studio, Photo Credit: Studio Eliot & Watson