Relive the automotive motorsport history of Brumos Racing.

In the world of motorsports, Brumos Racing continues to fuel the adrenaline for racing fans as a pioneer and leader since the earliest day of the 20th Century. With so many success stories and industry milestones throughout time, it’s only right to document the iconic motorsport brand. Brumos Racing is proud to announce the release of a special three-volume box set titled ‘Brumos: An American Racing Icon’. Documented through 1,500 pages of high-resolution images and information sourced from industry leaders, the series is broken doing into three publications highlighting The Brundage Era, The Peter Gregg Era, and 1980 Through 2020. The material also features prologues from automotive icons like Roger Penske and Patrick Dempsey. Along with the box set, Brumos Racing included a Numbered Collector’s Edition and an Ultimate Collectors Edition, which both include additional volumes, as well as commemorative accessories to compliment the collection. The new Brumos: An American Racing Icon box set collection is currently available starting at $559.59 by clicking the link below for more information.

Media/Information Source: Brumos Racing

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