MB&F is celebrating 10 years since the unveiling of the Legacy Machine No. 1 with the new LMX.

"The LMX is an LM1 on steroids," says Maximilian Büsser, the founder of MB&F. We can't help but agree. While the LMX surely shows inspiration from the LM1, there's so much more than makes this new timepiece yet another groundbreaking model. Inside are fully independent dual time zones that are inclined at 50 degrees. Just above these dials is a flying balance wheel, a feature seen within Legacy Machine collection. For the LMX, however, the flying balance wheel has its regulating screws replaced with intertia blocks. MB&F has also expanded the vertical indicator premiered in the LM1 into a 3D hemispherical reserve indicator that allows the wearer to choose between day-of-the-week or numerical scales. Last, but not least, MB&F is introducing an entirely new movement for the LMX. This new movement is the eighth Legacy Machine caliber that has been created in the past ten years.

The MB&F LMX is available in two different launch editions. First is the LMX with a grade 5 titanium case and blue-green CVD dial, which is limited to 33 pieces and has a price of $112,000. Then there's the LMX with an 18K 5N+ red gold case with a black NAC dial, which is limited even further to 18 pieces and has a price of $128,000. The collection is currently available on the MB&F online shop.