Porsche is proving how meaningful and impactful updates to electric cars can be with their latest announcement.

Porsche has just announced a very comprehensive software update for the model year 2020 Taycan and it includes quite a few enhancements that were introduced in the M/Y 2021 Taycan variants. The update includes a more in-depth navigation system, simplified charging station search, the ability to pre-select state of charge during DC fast charging, the ability to reduce the maximum DC charging power, wireless Apple CarPlay, and ambient lighting that can change color depending on the music currently playing. While these updates may not seem like a lot to some, they really are quite impactful. The charging updates will give owners more control over how their car charges, optimizing the battery's service life and performance, as well as making charging easier. If you use Apple CarPlay, you know how big of a deal making the feature wireless is. With both functional and quality-of-life changes, these updates really make a difference.

It's nice to see Porsche showing previous model years of the Taycan love and updating them with newfound features. If you'd like to purchase one for yourself, be sure to click the button below.