This is why you need one!

Three letters signify a decade of lessons learned on the track. Super Trofeo Omologata translates to Lamborghini's most extreme racing Huracan that also happens to be street legal. Compared to the Performante, the body is all-new. The hood and fenders are now one-piece, and the quarter panels have heat and pressure extractor vents.

Carbon fiber makes up 75% of the body, and wider wheels are flared into all corners. A ram-air intake atop the V10 increases downforce, and a rear spine holds the RWD supercar straight into and out of the corners. It generates 53% more downforce than the Performante, and it arrives with Brembo's most potent brake compounds.

Inside we are treated to a titanium roll cage from Akrapovic, and microfiber lines most of the surfaces. Pricing starts at $327,838 and deliveries are starting soon. So click the button to order yours and stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

Image Source: Carfection/YouTube Screenshot