The G-Shock that stands out over all others

A watch is defined as a luxury timepiece when a brand goes above and beyond in sense of quality, technology, and functionality. G-Shock is known for taking its price point examples and re-designing them using precious metals and a significantly larger price tag. G-Shock is now proud to announce its newest addition to the limited edition collection. The new G-Shock GMWB50000TR-9 is constructed using “TranTixxii”, an alloy that has all the characteristics of titanium, including being light and gentle on the skin, with about twice the hardness of pure titanium. A 22-month long-lasting rechargeable battery drives the electronic watch, making the luxury G-Shock even more functional as a daily watch. The case of the watch has a gold ion-plated (IP) finish, and the band and buttons also have an IP finish in red, blue, light gray, dark gray, and gold, colors that are also used for accents on the face. The new limited edition G-Shock GMWB50000TR-9 is currently available through the brand’s website for the price of $1,700.

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