Chevrolet's 2-seater looks ready to race!

For the 18th time in Corvette history, the Corvette will pace this year's Indianapolis 500. It seems appropriate, as the Chevrolet brothers were pioneers at this very track. May 30th will mark 100 years since Arthur had a great run in the fist Indy 500, and they were competitive for the next two decades.

I have owned a few Corvette pace cars over the years, so I am partial to the 2007 which was dressed in Atomic Orange. To keep the field safe this year, we see Sky Cool Gray and Strike Yellow accented by the traditional logos of the event. The strobe lights are normally auxiliary, but Corvette engineers were able to integrate the strobes into the convertible's deck lid. The press release from IMS doesn't mention how many examples have been prepared, but rest assured, I am on the hunt for one. Click the button to see why the 2021 Corvette is right for you, and stay with us for all your Chevy news.

Images (C) Indianapolis Motor Speedway