No matter the race, McLaren will compete

No matter which way you look at it, racing is racing. Whatever you behind the wheel of, it still takes the same principles and understanding of weight savings that will ultimately decide if success is a possibility. It’s the same forward-thinking that goes into both McLaren race cars, as well as performance apparel and gear from bicycle specialists at Le Col. McLaren x Le Col are proud to announce Project Aero, a collection of high-performance cycling apparel co-developed with McLaren’s aerodynamicists in order to deliver a kit that outperforms the competition. Implementing McLaren’s aero research on boundary layers, the McLaren x Le Col Project Aero Collection’s detailed approach to mapping every millimeter has driven advances in aerodynamic performance and broken new ground in cycling. Inside the McLaren x Le Col website, an array of apparel for men and women can be found proudly displaying both brands’ logos. Shop the McLaren x Le Col cycling apparel collection by clicking on the link below.

Media/Information Source: Le Col

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