A head-turning design to compliment top-notch timepiece technology

Each luxury watch crafted by MB&F features its own unique qualities, which are displayed through design, premium materials, technology, and exclusivity. The Legacy Machine Collection is at the forefront for the brand, as each piece further separates itself from any other watch on the market. The Swiss watchmaker is now proud to unveil the LM101, a collection of three unique pieces that show their true colors. The new MB&F Legacy Machine LM101features a 40mm case that is available in an array of options for precious metals, which ultimately make up the production numbers for each model. MB&F designed the dials in three vibrant colors (Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Purple), which help the best display the three-dimensional horological movement developed in-house. The free-floating effects from the dial design make the MB&F LM101 even more collectible for owners and enthusiasts. On the sapphire crystal back case, the movement mechanism can be viewed in more detail, with engravings signifying the limited production on the outer case. Completing the elegant style of the LM101 Collection, MB&F equips each of the models with a large-scale hand-stitched alligator or veal leather strap and case-matching metal buckle. The MB&F Legacy LM101 Collection is to be released in very limited quantities depending on the exclusivity of the precious metal used in production. Check out and shop the newest collection from MB&F by clicking the link below.

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