Big things are in the works!

You can build the best cars in the world, but without an advertising strategy, its all for not. That's why Christian von Koenigsegg and Company have retained Centigrade INC as their Agency of Record. This press release comes on the heels of a blistering test of two Jeskos uploaded yesterday.

In a statement from the boss, Christian says: “Centigrade has a proven track record of collaborating with some of the most emblematic brands in the world. Their team of communication professionals has the global experience needed as we move into the next phase of growth. Much like ourselves, Centigrade’s flexibility, nimbleness and instinct means that it can react quickly in this dynamic industry, making it the perfect communications partner for Koenigsegg".

Based in Detroit, Centigrade has a hotline to everyone in the industry. This is a signal to everyone else that Koenigsegg has big plans, so stay with us for all the updates here!

Image (C) Koenigsegg