Your little ones deserve the best!

Ettore Bugatti was a true renaissance man. Catering to the wishes of young and old, Molsheim never turned down a unique request. In keeping with this tradition, the Little Car Company has commenced production on the Baby Bugatti II.

This encore performance is the second collaboration between these industry leaders. We've previewed this little car before, so here is a quick refresher. Only 500 examples were offered, and each one is built to order. Each one arrives with membership to the Bugatti Owners Club, where they can be raced around the world.

Inspiration comes from the firs Baby Bugatti that debuted in 1926. Loaded with the latest in technology, your baby will have hydraulic brakes, LED lights, and 13.4 horsepower. Using the Speed Key, you will be able to cruise at 42 mph, or limit the speed to 12 mph as they learn. Being able to reach 62 mph in six seconds is as fast as I want to go in such a light conveyance, and the batteries are mounted low to offer great handling. Click the button to learn more from our dealers and stay with us for all your Bugatti news!

Images (C) Bugatti