More power and new suspension tuning will improve your lap times!

Six decades ago, Aston Martin decided to leave Formula 1 racing. Now that they've returned, a new Vantage has been long overdue. Aston Martin has unveiled the Vantage F1 Edition with 25 additional horsepower. Now with 535 hp under the bonnet, the suspension and aerodynamics were also dialed up. Torque from the AMG 4-liter is unchanged at 505 lb-ft, but it is available across a wider rpm range.

To create the ultimate street-legal Aston Martin, the springs, shocks and sway bars are all-new. Rolling on 21" forged wheels, Pirelli developed a propretary tread for this beast. Suspension mounting points have been reinforced and braces were added to the steering gear. The only potential gripe is that this car is only offered with the 8-speed automatic.

The ZF box sends power to a 2.93 differential in order to keep rpm low at cruising speeds. The body is essentially the same as the F1 Safety Car we first saw in Bahrain, and the upgrades have added 440 lbs of downforce. Pricing starts at the equivalent of $193,494 with deliveries slated for the Summer. If this is where Aston Martin is heading, sign us up!

Images (C) Aston Martin