Presented by International Defense K9 - International Defense K9 is known worldwide for its elite family-friendly protection dogs. Each dog is trained in the owner's home, allowing them to be adapted to a home environment and family situations. They are also trained using the most advanced training techniques that allow dogs to fit into any social setting.

With over 20 years of experience with police and military canine training as well as tactical deployment of K9s. International Defense K9 has also trained the trainers in those arenas. However, their true passion is in applying that experience toward providing personal canine bodyguards for individuals and families in need. This is what truly brings International Defense K9 the most fulfillment. If you're looking for peace of mind or a better night's sleep, they can help.

International Defense K9 offers a chance to own a once in a lifetime dog by utilizing their highly refined selection raising/training program. They will find the perfect dog to meet and exceed your expectations. Their dogs have the perfect temperament and stunning physical beauty that is the ideal standard of your chosen breed. International Defense K9 provides their experience and expertise to help match perfectly the breed and specialized training program that best fits to your lifestyle.

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