Hublot and Shepard Fairey have teamed up to create the positively stunning Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey.

There's no doubting that you have seen Shepard Fairey's artwork in some shape or form. His career started back in 1989 when he created the "Andrew the Giant has a Posse" sticker. This sticker then turned into a massive OBEY GIANT campaign that's still popular to this very day. Fairey also created the famous 2008 "Hope" portrait of Barack Obama that sparked a fresh and popular style of artwork. Now, Fairey artistic style can be found on the new Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey. This new timepiece features a mandala, a symbol that represents harmony, the cycle of life and the elements. The precise engravings are made on a black-brushed titanium case that measures 50mm. As for its movement, that's handled by the HUB1155 self-winding skeleton chronograph movement.

Just 50 examples of the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey will be created, each of them costing $22,000. To shop the watch, be sure to click the button below.

Source: Hublot