Life is too short for silent cars

One of the most prolific composers, musicians, and philanthropists of the modern era is Hans Zimmer. From The Lion King, to Crimson Tide, The Rock, Inception, and Interstellar, his tunes evoke our best cinematic memories.

As such, the fine folks at BMW M tapped him to make their upcoming electric cars sound better than anything else. Starting with the i4, they then moved on to the M version, and then to the iX. It is a collaboration with Renzo Vitale, Creative Director Sound at the BMW Group. Hans chose to set the M cars apart from the lesser models, saying:

"Every BMW has its own character, which is reflected in the sound it makes. So for the electrically driven BMW M models we have developed a driving sound which accentuates their emotional driving experience particularly vividly and ensures their performance can be felt with even greater intensity.”

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Images (C) BMW