The Emerald Isle is perfect for top-down cruising.

Everything automotive can be more rewarding in a convertible. That's why Ferrari has unveiled the new Portofino M in Ireland. A road-trip from England and through Wales proves their efforts have paid off. The suffix M is for Modified, and they left no stone unturned.

Starting with subtle changes to the body, aerodynamics have been enhanced to keep the cockpit quiet with the top down. This was done because you will have 612 horsepower at your command. Their latest 3.9-liter V8 is paired with an all-new 8-speed dual-clutch transaxle. The Portofino M is truly a delight!

This sleek 2+2 retains the retracting hardtop we first loved on the California. Now capable of raising and lowering up to 31 mph, its the perfect car for any weather. With 561 lb-ft of torque at almost any RPM, it will return impressive fuel mileage on the highway. Our dealers have all the details, so click the button below and stay with us for all your Ferrari news.

Images (C) Ferrari