Presented by Porsche Cars North America - With four doors that open up to a spacious interior, the new Porsche Panamera has a cabin that's more than noteworthy. Porsche is not an automaker that will skimp on the details and luxury, and the new Panamera is a perfect example of such attention.

When designing the new Panamera's interior, every inch of material, every piece of fabric, and every stitch found within the cabin is painstakingly considered. Just like the exterior, every component found inside of the Panamera was picked and placed with purpose. What's more, much of the Panamera has been crafted by hand thanks to Porsche's renowned craftspeople. This dedication to craftsmanship is found from the cockpit to the dash and even the embossing on the headrests. All of these details combine to create a setting that's undeniably perfect.

Being on the cutting edge in regards to automotive technology, Porsche has also equipped the new Panamera's interior with the necessary components for a more connected drive than ever before. To connect the driver to the road, there are systems like Porsche InnoDrive, which adds new innovative functions to the Adaptive Cruise Control. There's also a Head-Up Display that projects all relevant vehicle information in the driver's field of vision so they can always keep their eyes on the road ahead. Porsche has also included technology that connects the driver to their everyday life and passions, like Porsche Connect and Apple Music.

The new Porsche Panamera is just another gleaming example of the automaker's commitment to creating with intention and not just for the sake of embellishment. By blending both purpose and style, Porsche has given the new Panamera an interior that's truly exemplary. To learn more, be sure to click the button below to visit Porsche's website.