Presented by Bell - For a gorgeous, scenic country known for its mastery of luxury, Switzerland has much to offer tourists in terms of high-quality products and unmatched experiences. That’s why Mountainflyers selected the Bell 505 to show customers the best views available of the sprawling, mountainous terrain. Christoph Graf, Pilot, Flight Instructor and CEO of Mountainflyers, knows that helicopters are the ideal tool to deliver these incredible sights to tourists and VIP visitors. “Especially in Switzerland, with all the mountains, a helicopter is much more spectacular to fly for a tour than a plane. It can land anywhere! We have many high-altitude landing zones and can bring drinks and food to provide much more of an experience than with an airplane.”

The cabin’s ability to carry passengers and goods isn’t the only benefit to the Bell 505. Mountainflyers pilots are constantly wary of wind and rocky terrain. The team has landed the aircraft in the snow, taken it through the middle of the mountains and even touched down on a glacier for a 45-minute rest stop. With the platform’s powerful engine and rotors, the pilots are able to easily maneuver through chilly, high-altitude environments.

With a glass cockpit and wide windows, the Bell 505’s incredible visibility gives passengers the ultimate thrill as they explore these mountain peaks. “Everything is better for the passengers and the trainees on the 505 than our past offerings. The visibility is much better; it’s another level of helicopter,” remarked Graf. “With the Bell 505, sightseers fit nicely and enjoy great front and the side visibility. They will have much more comfort and better views for the money they’re paying.” For a luxury experience through the Swiss Alps, passengers probably expect nothing less. But with added aircraft features and the ultimate aerial tour guide, luxury takes on a whole new meaning with this incredible platform.

See how the Bell 505 takes on the Swiss Alps here: