The highly-anticipated McLaren Artura is the manufacturer’s newest high-performance hybrid supercar, which makes a combined 671-horsepower and 531 pound-feet of torque. McLaren enlisted the help of team F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo for his thoughts on-track in the Artura. Ricciardo explains the importance of using the perfect line to set the best lap time, while also carrying a smoke-filled drift throughout the sweeping turns. It goes to show that when developing the Artura, McLaren focused on creating not only a high-performance hybrid but also a truly versatile machine that can perform in all settings. Although the sounds from the twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder are best described as music to your ears, the full electric mode also plays a fun role as Daniel quietly cools down the Artura on its final lap. Based on the smiles and laughter coming from Daniel during his drive, it’s clear that the McLaren Artura will be a blast on any road or track. Watch Daniel Ricciardo enjoy the McLaren Artura on track by clicking the video link above.

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