Presented by Nighthawk Custom - At Nighthawk Custom, each pistol is built from start to finish by a single gunsmith. Our slogan and philosophy, “ONE GUN, ONE GUNSMITH,” is the direct result of how we build our firearms. Every part used in Nighthawk Custom 1911s have been Fully Machined from bar stock billet steel and are oversized to later be hand fit. In order to create the finest 1911’s in the world, only the finest materials can be used. Starting with oversized, raw parts, our gunsmiths handcraft the pistol part by part to create a functional piece of art. All 46 parts are fit to that certain pistol, making it a unique and unrivaled pistol.

Once a pistol is hand built, the builder test fires the pistol to ensure that it meets both The Nighthawk Custom Standard, and their own. The next step is prep, which consists of the exterior of the pistol. This will be sanding out every machine mark, de-burring, smoothing, and putting on hand bevels on any 90-degree angles. The gunsmith then uses a personalized metal stamp with his initials to stamp under the left grip panel of the pistol. That gunsmith’s reputation, along with Nighthawk Custom’s, will live with that pistol for the life of the firearm. This creates the highest level of accountability! While this might not be the fastest, most efficient, or most cost-effective way to build a firearm, it is the way that our customers expect and deserve.

The One Gun, One Gunsmith approach creates the highest level of ownership, and it signifies the pride and commitment our gunsmiths take in the work they do. Every Nighthawk Custom pistol comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is because we fully stand behind what we do. Ultimately creating heirloom quality firearms that are designed to be passed down from generation to generation.

This applies to all of our 1911s handbuilt in the USA, Korth Revolvers of Germany, and Cosmi Shotguns of Italy. Please call us 866-618-4492 or visit us at