The ever-growing market of watches makes it hard for anyone to decide on the perfect example, especially when dealing with high-end luxury timepieces. Breitling recently announced a new program where there is no longer a need to decide which watch is best to purchase. Breitling Select is the new subscription-based program that allows the consumer to enjoy three watches over a 12-month period, based on their selection from a dedicated portfolio of watches. Registration for Breitling Select is done through the companies website and easily managed using smartphone capability. Participants will pay a one-time subscription fee of $450 and subsequently make a monthly payment of $129. At that point, they’ll be ready to choose their first watch, which will soon be delivered to their home. The innovative business model is celebrated as a first for the watch industry. Choose a new timepiece every few months from the comfort of your home with the new Breitling Select Program. The Breitling Select subscription registration is open to the public by visiting the company’s website.

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