Monday, March 15th marks the 60th anniversary of the iconic E-Type, so Jaguar Classic has unveiled the E-Type 60 Collection. After procuring a dozen surviving specimens, each car was treated to a full restoration. Taking inspiration from two famous cars, the coachbuilders built six coupes were built to honor the 9600HP. The other six cars mirror the 77 RW roadsters. Six pairs of coupe and roadster have been sold to their most valued customers.

E-Type 60 logos can be found on and around the cars, and each car has an engraved center console by artist King Nerd. They evoke the memories of Jaguar Test Driver Norman Dewis, whoose road trips sorted the E-Type's final details before launch. The cars have new close-ration 5-speed sticks with 3.8-liter XK engines.

Jaguar Classic provided their latest in connectivity, integrating SiriusXM, Bluetooth, electronic ignition, and an aluminum radiator. Next summer, the six customers and guests will embark on a road trip from Coventry to Geneva along with Jaguar fans from around the world. If you need more English luxury in your life, click the button and stay with us for all your Jaguar news.

Images (C) Jaguar Land Rover