Taste the rainbow!

Monza was fun for almost everybody this year, and Audi dominated the event. To celebrate the prowess of the latest R8 LMS, six new colors have been added to the program. This celebrates 13 years of the R8 racing around the world, and their latest GT2 car is tough to beat.

It arrives with 640 horsepower to all wheels, unencumbered by street-legal civilities. Two weeks ago we saw a double-victory at Monza. It prompted Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport Customer Racing to say: “With one model per color, our Color Edition guarantees pure individuality and will not be issued a second time like this. It is unique compared to our competitors and attracts attention – whether as a collector’s item or as a race car at track days and competitions.”

In case you missed it, Audi Sport has revamped all the RS models along with a bit more power for the 2022 R8 lineup We invite you to see what makes the R8 so consistent and comfortable by clicking the button below, and stay with us for all your Audi news.

Images (C) Audi Sport GMBH