What began as a restoration service for 4-door Rovers has evolved into a complete lineup of modernized classics. If you need Chevy thunder in an English 4WD, the Chieftan Xtreme arrives with 700 horsepower. Starting with a new example of the original chassis, fabricators box every connection and the suspension points are gusseted. While the 4-door will always be iconic, their 2-door is more enticing.

The non-supercharged 6.2 is the LS3 first seen in the 2008 Corvette. It offers 430 horsepower to an 8-speed automatic. Opting for the supercharger will send 700 hp to a fully independent suspension backed by AP Racing brakes. All control arms have rod-end connections, and you can choose the interior and exterior colors. Xtreme has side-exit exhaust BFG All-Terrains, and meaty fender flares, so tell us where you would take it in the comments below.

Images (C) JIA