Now that we're starting to see more and more electric cars on the road, we're going to start going away from exhaust notes and instead talk about electric engine notes. While this may be controversial to many, it's actually opening to door to some very interesting sounds. Take the Lotus Evija, for instance. This new electric hypercar has a soundscape that was created by British music producer Patrick Patrikios. Inspired by the engine note of the Type 49 race car, he developed a new sound for the Evija.

“I adjusted the replay speeds and digital filtering of the Type 49 to generate a soundscape for the Evija – it was a very organic process,” said Patrikios. “We all wanted something to spark an emotional connection between car and driver. Sound is hugely influential when it comes to creating and forming emotions, to enrich that bond that’s such a critical part of the Lotus experience.”

You can see how he came up with the sound and even hear it for yourself by clicking play up above.