Celebrating Easter Weekend at Moab is a rite of passage for all Jeep owners. You will see hundreds of CJ, TJ, Cherokee, and Gladiators, but what is the 2021 Jeep Magneto. Two teasers were uploaded this morning to preview what will be unveiled. There are two distinct possibilities that each deserve consideration. This isn't quantum mechanics, but let's suppose Schrödinger's cat is actually two examples of a capable 4WD. Plurality exists at your local dealer, as they offer the Wrangler Hybrid 4xe alongside the Wrangler 392. One has four cylinders along with a turbo and a battery while the other is a rip-snorting 6.4 Hemi from SRT. Vote for what it might be in the poll below and stay with us for all your Jeep news.

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Image (C) Stellantis