Driving impressions by Director Matt Windle

You can't rush perfection. Team Lotus has been burning the candle at both ends to build the ultimate electric supercar. The Evija promises to offer 1,973 horsepower and 1,254 lb-ft of torque. While the prototype cars have proved capable to handle 80% of that power, the gas engine team has offered one final model in the new Emira.

Managing Director Matt Windle said: “We have different prototypes focusing on different areas of development.  One for build and tech, another for battery management, the other for motors and so on.  EP1, which I have driven most recently, is the performance prototype and it does not disappoint. We are still some months from entering series production, but already EP1 has that unmistakable Lotus ‘feel’. Unquestionably a unique and extreme hypercar, but still, somehow, a Lotus. I’m so excited and extremely proud of what the team has achieved". Tell us what aspect of the Evija most intrigues you in the comments below!