Haute Coture meets English luxury

Old world coachbuilding rarely intersects with high fashion, but when it does, the results are stunning. For one discerning Japanese customer, the need to incorporate Hermès was the impetus for the build. Yusaku Maezawa sought to have craftspeople from Rolls-Royce travel to Paris and vice versa. After a few months and many late nights, what emerged is truly spectacular.

For a quick refresher, the 2021 Phantom offers 627 lbs of torque and 563 horsepower. That's enough for you and your driver to reach 60 mph in 5.15 ticks. The heaviest production car to offer consistent 11's in the quarter-mile can be built to order. As such, this example is finished in a 2-tone MZ Oribe Green and cream motif. The interior and exterior were ordered to match his new private jet, a life goal for many eastern entrepreneurs. Tell us what you think of this build in the comments below and click the button to find your new Phantom.

Images (C) Rolls-Royce