The automotive world has shown its ability to take shape around the multitude of industries that find themselves in collaborations or partnerships. The creativity in designing and manufacturing supercars directly correlates with how artists portray their thoughts through different avenues. Music is one of those focuses that everyone shares, which is why Porsche ventured through Europe with music journalist Niko Hüls on a journey to create a travel and cultural guide on hip hop. Part of the ‘Back to Tape’ content series, the 212-page travel, and cultural guide is published as a Christophorus edition by Delius Klasing Verlag and sheds light on the development of the urban hip-hop youth culture in European cities. It features 17 artists from Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Spain, and Denmark, all of whom have made a significant contribution to the development of the hip-hop culture over the past 25 years. The publication features high-resolution imagery and knowledge from respected sources to help highlight the journey of hip hop. The Hip Hop Culture book by Porsche featuring Niko Hüls is currently available for purchase by clicking the link below.


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