When JD Pass sat down with his staff to discuss holding a completely free car show of his own, there was initially some hesitation. Little did they know that he was about to create a new Southeastern tradition. TheVaultMS.com ‘s 390 Car Show was a massive event that helped in solidifying The Vault as the premiere automotive hub of the southern region.

With over 1,000 cars and 5,000 spectators from across the Southeast, food vendors, and even monster trucks, The Vault brought down the house with their inaugural event. Individuals and car clubs alike showed up to compete for fifty trophies for their custom automobiles. It wasn’t just a gear heads paradise but an awesome time for families as well. Children were not just delighted by the site of really cool cars, they also got a chance to meet the Easter Bunny courtesy of the global online auction platform, SonicBidder.com. They also got the chance to ride the aforementioned monster trucks and compete in a bicycle race for prizes.

The highlight by far were appearances from Discovery Channel stars; Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage and Dennis and Kelsey Collins of Collins Bros Jeeps. Many people showed up to talk to and get autographs from their favorite auto-stars. This wasn’t a paid gig either as Pass, Rawlings, and Collins have been friends for many years. The three got to enjoy time together amongst fans and supporters for an amazing day of food, fun, and automotive showmanship.

With the success of TheVaultMS.com ‘s 390 Car Show, plans and consideration are already underway for the next year’s event. No matter who or what shows up in Jackson in 2022, one thing’s for sure. TheVaultMS.com's 390 Car Show is a fantastic, family, free event that will be well worth it to travel to whether you’re a seasoned car enthusiast or a casual observer looking for a great time!