Presented by Fast Lane Drive - Scrap everything you thought you knew about car clubs—Fast Lane Drive is rewriting the book on rallies. The San Diego-based car club combines luxury European supercars with legendary after-parties, a family-like bond, and philanthropies that evoke passion from its members.

One thing that separates Fast Lane Drive from other car clubs is its social-focus. Cars are obviously what brings the club together, but friendships and networking keep people coming back.

Business partners Clément Connor, Diaa El All, and Giovanni Letellier started the club back in 2018 as a unique way to spend quality time with friends who were also car enthusiasts. Since then, they’ve created what appears to be a perfect car rally formula that satisfies members and copilots alike: most local rallies start with a drive and plenty of photo opportunities and end with a lunch or dinner after-party. Local drives are the club’s bread-and-butter, usually featuring technically-advanced scenic roads and first-class accommodations at some of San Diego’s most excellent restaurant and event venues. About two times a year, Fast Lane Drive also takes its members on weekend getaways to places like Palm Springs, Malibu, and Scottsdale.

Connor, El All, and Letellier have come a long way since that first drive in 2018. What was once 15 friends driving their sports cars through Rancho Santa Fe is now a staple of the San Diego car industry with 75-car rally lineups and members who feel like family.

So how did Fast Lane Drive become what it is today? Aside from the obvious allure of a tight- knit group of supercar owners, its founders and their board have held on to a few core values that fostered their success.

First and foremost, Fast Lane Drive emphasizes exclusivity; but having a European supercar isn’t the only requirement for membership. Every candidate submits a written application, does a 30- minute face-to-face interview, and is then subject to final approval from the board via a majority vote. From there, you’re expected to participate and contribute to the community, attending at least three events per year. “The most important factor is the person and their personality,” says Connor. The board wants new members to be a fit for the Fast Lane Family, and they are always looking to diversify and broaden that mold. The San Diego chapter recently capped its membership at 100 drivers, so you’ll need to apply to a waitlist if you hope to join in the future.

An equally important core value is Fast Lane’s focus on philanthropy. The car club is very involved in the San Diego community and regularly hosts events that highlight local charities throughout the county. In 2020 Fast Lane members hosted a drive for foster kids from the group Voices For Children, a cause very near and dear to their members’ hearts. They also hold a toy drive every holiday season, regularly donate to the SDPD, and get involved in tons of other causes like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Rady Children’s Hospital. And philanthropy isn’t an option for members—the fees collected from each drive are donated to various charities. If you want to be a part of this premier luxury car club, community service is non-negotiable.

Among other values like a passion for travel, Fast Lane Drive is a community of supercar owners who love driving their supercars. These drivers don’t rent their McLarens or leave their Ferraris tucked away collecting dust; they use their cars to do what they were designed to do—drive. It’s customary for most Fast Lane members to take their own cars to racetrack events because anyone who owns a supercar knows that special feeling of pushing your own vehicle to the limit. It’s this type of shared mentality that puts Fast Lane’s members on the same playing field when it comes to business, too. One of the greatest perks of membership is the network that becomes available to all new members. Ask anyone in this club, and they’ll agree, Fast Lane is a family of friends and professionals.

Fast Lane Drive will open its second chapter in Scottsdale this year. Its founders hope to open subsequent chapters in Dallas, Miami, and eventually Paris in the future. To learn more about Fast Lane Drive and membership opportunities, visit