If it fits, it rips!

Like all great MOPAR commercials, imagine your HEMI doing what it does best. Hennessey Performance has the ability to summon the Hellephant. It is a beastly 426 Race Hemi that needs a car or truck that can handle brutal power...And it sure would look great in John Hennessey's Mammoth 900!

Just because it shares a few parts with the Demon and the Hellcat Redeye doesn't mean you can drop it in your car. The forged bottom end has a 4" bore and a stroke of 4.125". Topped by a massive supercharger, it makes 1,000 horsepower at almost all rpm. That means you will need a transmission, axles, wheels, tires, and underwear to handle 1,000 horsepower. That's why we're not surprised that John Hennessey and his team are going to cage the Hellephant. What will this do to his Ram TRX? Stay tuned!