A great way to invite new tenants

"The Kita" is a new luxury residence in downtown Tokyo, and its the brainchild of designer Kengo Kuma. Needing a new way to invite prospective homeowners, this gorgeous Rolls-Royce Dawn was built with white gloves in Goodwood. Now on the other side of the Earth, it is the centerpiece of the Kita Tea House. This comes on the heels of the Shanghai Auto Show where Rolls-Royce unveiled three wild one-off builds.

Gavin Hartley is the boss at Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designs, and he had this to say about the build: “It was an honour to collaborate with Kengo Kuma to create a serene and timeless motor car for a serene and timeless building. From the inception of the marque over 100 years ago, Rolls-Royce has transcended the automotive field, taking the tangible entity of a car and delivering its patrons the intangible: a truly unique experience. As this project demonstrates, through the authentic application of unique designs and materials, we can provide rare sensory experiences that reflect and enhance our owners’ multi-faceted lifestyles.”

Images (C) Rolls-Royce Motor Cars