Its nice to be clean.

Old man Porsche is looking down with a smile. That's because his empire is seeing unprecedented prosperity, and VW Group's premium brands have a special message for Earth Day 2021. For the sake of brevity, we combined the best aspects of each press release here for you. Starting at the top, Stephan Winkelmann is leading the clean movement as the boss at Bugatti and Lamborghini.

“With regard to carbon emissions, there’s a simple order that applies to us all – first avoid them, then reduce them, and then offset any remaining emissions. For this reason, we at Bugatti work hard to avoid emissions and other environmental impacts wherever possible in all of our development and production processes. We are also continuously lowering emissions on the basis of leaner processes and use green electricity and biogas in production. These are the upstream measures that our carbon offsetting projects then build on.”

From his Italian office, he spoke on Lamborghini's carbon-cutting initiatives. They won the Green Star Award for building clean supercars this year. The Green Star Award and our contribution to the #Project1hour campaign are further proof of the company’s commitment, pursued with a great sense of responsibility since 2009 and which, through continuous industrial investments, led to the achievement of CO2-neutral certification in 2015 that was also maintained following the recent production site expansion.

We are currently engaged in defining a strategy, to be officially announced soon, which will lead us to accelerate our commitments with regards to environmental sustainability. We want to give concrete answers, through significant innovations, during this time of profound transformation that affects the whole automotive industry. We are convinced that our decisions as a company, but also as individuals, can make a difference: for us and for our future generations.”

Finally, his counterpart at Bentley, Adrian Hallmark had this to say about their EV transformation: “As a company, we have already set out on the path towards Beyond100, which will see us introducing a hybrid option to every product in our range by 2023. We are on track to deliver our first BEV in 2025 and we are working towards a clear goal ambition of becoming end-to end carbon neutral by 2030.   We see this as a fundamental part of our strategy for the future."

Well done to everyone at VW Group for leading the way in clean, efficient, and fun cars.

Image (C) Bugatti