Behind every supercar created is a dedicated team of designers looking to achieve a new level of performance. The world-renowned Italian designers at Pininfarina are responsible for creating arguably the most beautiful cars in the industry, like the Ferrari Testarossa. The brand is now being awarded for its efforts, but not in the area of super or hypercars. Pininfarina is proud to announce that its PF Two Fountain Pen won the Red Dot Award 2021 in the Office Supplies and Stationery category. The simplistic design and use of high-end materials won the attention of 50 international experts judging the occasion. Experience high-class writing with the Pininfarina PF Two Fountain Pen, available in both black and blue. Each pen comes in commemorative packaging which takes the shape of a classic muffler. Shop the award-winning Pininfarina PF Two, as well as the rest of its writing utensil collection by visiting the brand's web-store.


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