A piece of art for the wrist

In the world of watches, luxury timepieces serve not only as a simplistic tool to tell time but also as a small piece of art that highlights the design and technology of watchmakers around the world. Franck Muller follows this thought with its collection of extraordinary grand complications like the Vanguard Skeleton. The Swiss watchmaker is proud to announce the release of the Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, a special edition piece showcasing a colorful skeleton body made of anodized aluminum. Underneath the sapphire crystal, the rainbow-style mechanism intertwines through the transparent dial, allowing for a better view of how the Vanguard operates. Designed as a blend between performance and elegance, Franck Muller prides itself on displaying the timepiece as functional daily wear that can be dressed up or down. Finishing the Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams, Franck Muller added a vibrant red large-scale leather strap and matching branded clasp. The Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Color Dreams is currently available by contacting an authorized dealer for more information.

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