Many great race cars are inspired by street-legal supercars, but this one is not like the others. Beginning life as the Super Trofeo race cars, here are the top five fast facts about the Lamborghini Huracan STO. Those that race the Raging Bull are members of Squadra Corsa. Aside from this customer program, the Huracan EVO GT3 cars have won Daytona three times and twice at Sebring. Lessons learned in motorsports have allowed the factory to hone their efforts, and here is what sets the Huracan STO apart from everything else:

  1. Cofango: This mashup of Italian words for the hood (Cofano) and fenders (Parafango) is used to describe the one-piece front end. Taking inspiration from the Miura, one layer of carbon fiber is 3D-printed from the front bumper to the windshield.
  2. Pit Stops: Your pit crew shouldn't have to break out the tools to suit your mood, so three new driving modes can be changed in less than 3 seconds. STO is for normal cruising, Trofeo is racing, and Pioggia is meant for rainy days.
  3. Simulators: Before work began on the prototypes, engineers and team drivers logged long days in virtual reality. Driving the equivalent of three times around the Earth, the Huracan STO debuted with unprecedented refinement and quality control.
  4. DIY: If you want to build a new Huracan STO for yourself, no less than 2,750 parts will be needed. In theory, your local Lamborghini dealer could sell you everything you need, but leave the assembly to the masters in Sant'Agata.
  5. Telemetry: Combining several cameras along with engine and tire data, the new UNICA telemetry system required over 25,000 lines of computer code.

This is your introduction to a new series "Focu5on- The five things you did not know about" from Lamborghini, so we invite you to join us in learning the interesting bits about the world's most amazing automobiles. Stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

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