Neglect can lead to serious problems for your hypercar, so Bugatti has launched their Passeport Tranquillité service program. Its hard to believe that the Veyron and Chiron are ageing out of their warranties. While a few owners insist on servicing their own cars, the volume of liquids alone is foreboding.

Every Bugatti Chiron for sale has almost 10 gallons of coolant and nearly 17 quarts of oil. The transmission and three differentials also have their own cooling loops that must be flushed and filled in unique procedures. A complete Veyron service is akin to refitting a warship after a patrol, necessitating 32 hours of labor every other year.

Fourteen hours are required annually, even if the car has not been driven. Therefore, the factory technicians have developed two plans: Active is for owners who routinely exercise their cars and Collector targets cars that don't reach 124 miles annually. The Chiron needs the same 14 hours each year, with 72 hours every four years. Our Bugatti dealers stand ready to check every moving part to keep your car in perfect condition, so click the button below to learn more.

Images (C) Bugatti S.A.S.