Hundreds of Hellcats have left Houston with incredible power, so we're happy to see a 2021 Ram TRX has arrived at Hennessey Performance. In order to get a baseline for tuning and performance, Alex and his team attempt to shakedown the 702-horsepower pickup. For a frame of reference, the Jeep Trackhawk uses the same Hellcat V8. Without touching the heads or cam the HPE1000 series offers 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb-ft of torque. Without the weight of the big SUV, the Mammoth 1000 is potentially a truck that offers consistent 9-second timeslips. A 3rd-generation VelociRaptor is also in development, so tell us which one you would drive in the comments below.

RAM TRX Engine, Horsepower & Specs

Image (C) Hennessey Performance Engineering