The paintjob alone takes 5 days

Japan is a huge market for Bentley, so they have received a new Continental GT V8 Equinox as an exclusive special edition. This sleek monotone motif takes 5 days in the paint booth, with repeated color sanding and buffing by hand. It is almost as appealing as the new 2022 Continental GT Speed Convertible!

Mulliner spent weeks deciding the colors and details that appeal to Japanese culture. The Piano Moonbeam and black veneers are contrasted by a silver thread that runs through the interior. All the carbon pieces have pinstripes buried under several coats of clear, and the styling of every small detail was meant to focus your attention to the performance of the V8 GT.

Perhaps the best part of every Mulliner build is that it can be replicated for you. Our dealers stand ready to build your new Continental GT, so click the button to begin your Bentley journey.

Images (C) Bentley Motors