Throughout the history of motorsports, there have been drivers, cars, races, and teams that left a monumental impact on the automotive world. Garage Welt is a brand that continues to celebrate those milestones through curation of art and lifestyle. Along with its collection of apparel, Garage Welt is also known for creating limited production skateboard decks displaying some of the most iconic cars in the world. Garage Welt is proud to announce the upcoming release of its Delivery 2 Art Deck Collection. Three of the vehicles featured in the collection are from the personal collection of Chicago car enthusiast Richard Fisher (@fish2556). The collection of skateboard decks include PATINAE24 (M635csi), FISHRALLYE (Mk1 Gti), FISHGT3 (996 GT3), FISHMK4 (Mk4 Supra), TICTAC (BMW E30), DIESELPWR (BMW E46), PREPDK (997 GT3RS 4.0), and GT50 (Ferrari F50GT). Check back in for a How To Buy special on the Garage Welt Delivery 2 Art Deck Collection.

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