East meets west in a gorgeous setting

Perfection can't be rushed. Sure, there are Bugatti owners and fans in the land of the rising sun, even if Tokyo is on the other side of the Earth. This new dealership represents how Ettore's vision crosses all cultural barriers. Japan's hypercar scene is unlike any other, and their financial power players have longed to enjoy Bugattis in a proper setting.

Getting a foreign car legalized in Japan is a tedious process. Because their import laws heavily protect their domestic brands, the Chiron was finally granted asylum last year. This Grand Opening yesterday allowed fans to enjoy a presentation on the values of the brand, and experience the composites found in each car. This occasion is just as significant as when Romano Artioili saved Bugatti.

CEO of Bugatti and Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann said: "This move into the Japanese market is perfectly timed for us, as customers can now enjoy the legendary Chiron hyper sports on Japanese public roads. This new showroom site in Tokyo is a home away from home, and we have complete faith that Sky Group embodies the passion and philosophy of Molsheim. We are delighted that Bugatti Tokyo will present our brand perfectly, not just to our Japanese customers, but also to a truly international clientele, thanks to the showroom’s unique location within Tokyo’s embassy quarter.” You now have a new stop on your Japanese vacation, so click the button to learn why a Bugatti is in your future.

Images (C) Bugatti