The new McLaren 720S GT3X is what happens when an automaker that creates race cars wants to break the rules. More specifically, the 720S GT3X is the GT3 car but without the rules and limitations that racing series slaps on. While it looks similar to the GT3 car, thanks to the aero packages, it's what's inside that makes this supercar so insane. First up is the power M840T 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine which has been increased to 720 horsepower. Rob Bell, a McLaren Factory Driver, notes in the video up above that this car has been given an extra 200 hp and it truly brings the GT3X to a new level. An extra 30 hp can be added with the press of the "Push-to-pass" button. Other modifications include the bigger turbos, bigger manifolds, upgrade cooling system and more. Another very awesome addition is the fact that this 720S GT3X can seat more than one person. Yes, the driver can take a passenger out for a spin.

Source:, Images via Screenshot/YouTube